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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Saving Abbey Road

This is your humble blogmaster, standing at the bottom of the staircase in studio 2 inside Abbey Road Studios.

Since the news were spread yesterday that EMI are looking to sell their famous studio complex, Paul McCartney has commented that to his knowledge there is a campaign underway to try to buy the house. BBC Newsnight has more. A Facebook group has just been launched, called "Save Abbey Road" - and London Beatles Tour guide Richard Porter has created an online petition to save the studios. More facebook support groups are appearing all the time, so I guess people just aren't bothering to check if there's already a group for it before they start one. So far, the "1,000,000 people to buy ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS for 20 quid each" group has the most members. I guess we'll soon know more.


The Beatles In 3D said...

Great shot Rog!

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