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Friday, 26 March 2010

Norwegian Wood 120

The new issue of Norway's own Beatles magazine, Norwegian Wood was out in late March. This is what the front cover looks like, and the rest of the contents are as follows:
Page 2: "Butcher" cover photos
Page 3: Contents and Credits
Page 4-5: Editorial by Ole-Andreas Refsnes
Page 6-7: The President speaks by Linda Engebråten
Page 8-10: Record reviews: "Y Not" by Ringo Starr reviewed by Marius H. Johannessen, "Live in Los Angeles" by Paul McCartney, reviewed by Ole-Andreas.
Page 11-14: Act Naturally - "Good Evening New York City" 2CD+2DVD by Paul McCartney reviewed by Ole-Andreas and "Nowhere Boy", directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, reviewed by Linda.
Page 15-17: The Word: Book review of "Box of Vision" reviewed by Ole-Andreas.
Page 18-19: "The Beatles RockBand", the DLC packs Rubber Soul, Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road, reviewed by Joakim Krane Bech
Page 20-21: What Goes On: Upcoming events for 2010.
Page 22-33: Reunion, Revolution #1, Reprises, Remasters & RockBand - The Beatles Year 2009 by Roger Stormo. A chronologic summary of past events.
Page 34-38: "On Tour With The Beatles" by Joakim. Our ongoing serieas all about the Beatles' various tours.
Page 39-46: The photo that was too much for the USA: The story about the record that had to change it's face. Everything you need to know about the famous "butcher" cover by Svein Sund.
Page 47-63: The Good Evening Europe Tour: Paul McCartney's short European tour in December reviewed by members of the Norwegian Wood Fan Club: Linda reports from Hamburg and Berlin, Iris Mariska Frohe covered Arnhem, Ole-Andreas was present in Paris, Bjørn Bjerkeskaug was in Dublin and Lars-Olav Hole has an exciting tale to tell as he was able to shake hands with Ringo Starr at McCartney's London concert. No members were present at the Cologne concerts.
Page 64-65: Inside the studio in Abbey Road! Marius brings a tall tale to the table when he discovered the "other" studio in Abbey Road and the secret behind Billy Shears.
Page 66-67: Yeah Yeah Yeah - Fifty years too late! Another story from Marius, this time about last year's celebration at the Casbah Club.
Page 68-69: Guest Performances by Jon Vidar Bergan. Jon Vidar reveals his collecting passion, records by other artist with one or more Beatles members present.
Page 70-71: Joakim reports from two concert events with the "Norwegian Beatles" band in February, where Norwegian Wood was present.
Page 72: Jon Vidar has comments about the Cameo Parkway article from last issue.
Page 73: Arne Færøvik, who dismissed the Beatles Remasters in our previous issue reveals that he has bought himself a copy of the stereo remasters box from Hong Kong and endorses a book which collect picture sleeves of the Beatles.
Page 74: The News Today, Oh Boy: Martin Aasen Wright collects recent news stories: Abbey Road Studios for sale, 50 years since the Indra Club, McCartney's new tour dates, Ringo's summer tour dates, Ringo gets his "Walk of Fame" star, rumours about upcoming Lennon-releases, no prizes for Beatle Paul, Paul songs for RockBand, Zak at the Superbowl, Plastic Ono Band concert, "Nowhere Boy" DVD release plans and Dhani dismisses the idea of a "Beatles Junior" band with the sons.
Page 80-81: Beatles for sale: Ads
Page 82: Beatles Quiz by Joakim
Page 83: Names and Addresses
Page 84: Back Cover: More "butcher cover" pics.
Norwegian Wood is published in Norwegian only.

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