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Saturday 17 April 2010

Beatles collection for sale

The collection of author Geoffrey Giuliano & The Fool has been put up for sale.
Here's a shortlist of some of the amazing things available:

Cold Springs Harbor John Lennon Home Video 1980 (With Lennon, Sean and Yoko)
This is a NEVER SEEN, NEVER RELEASED VHS approx 1 ½ hour home movie of John Lennon in 1980 in Cold Springs Harbor in an oddly empty mansion. In color. He plays with Sean, performs an acoustic concert and sails his small boat. This VHS bears the writing of his assistant Frederic Seaman on the label. Mr. Seaman shot the footage. Very, very short clips (about three / a few seconds long) have been included in various Ono post Lennon videos. This is the original master master. With history and COA from Geoffrey Giuliano. Formerly the property of John Lennon.

John Lennon Kyoko Cox Unreleased Acoustic LP Recorded in 1969 at home.

This is a very rare reel to reel acoustic album recorded by John Lennon and Kyoko Cox probably at Tittenhurst Park in 1969. It is about 60 minutes long and is a charming intimate look at the very private, magical world of John Lennon. Several years ago a single COPY of this tape was I believe sold at Sotheby's for about $75,000. The poor fellow thought it was the original – it is not, our reel to reel tape is. The buyer never released it. We are selling the original (which came from Derek Taylor to Geoffrey Giuliano) at a greatly reduced price due to this single copy being sold at Sotheby's. With history and COA from Geoffrey Giuliano. Formerly the property of John Lennon.

The Kenwood Tapes.
The tapes currently on offer are some of the many private home recordings John Lennon made here during his extended LSD period between 1966 and 1969. These particular recordings were made in late 1966. Along with the occasional collaboration of friends Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Star and, most notably, Beatles aid Terry Doran, Lennon made these long lost, unreleased historic tapes for his own private use and experimentation. In early 1969 Lennon gave the one and only master to his close friend and Apple promotional manager Derek Wyn Taylor. In these extraordinary tapes we see Lennon the actor, comedian, alchemist, eccentric composer, LSD disciple and unabashed loon. Here he unwinds his mind to become a host of strange characters with the obvious goal of pleasing only himself. A kind of fractured audio diary of the man behind the Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Lennon reveals himself and his private passion for characterization, improvisational comedy and acting as never before. We see Lennon now the quirky avant gardest and psychedelic humorist spewing forth numerous characters inspired, one suspects, by a potent mix of various drugs including, LSD, hashish, mescaline and god knows what else. Many of John's 'comic skits' often featured tape loops and synthesized sounds. These tapes however, for the most part do not.

John Lennon Yoko Ono Personal Home Recording Concerning Their Sex Lives Before And After They Began Their Relationship (A Sexual History Of Both Of Them)
An unheard original tape of John Lennon speaking to his wife amend at times is disbrued with her answers. A HISTORY changing tape. Originally the property of John Lennon. Lennon gave a copy to Derek Taylor at Tittenhurst Park telling Taylor, “Keep it we might need it later if I ever decide to break up with Yoko.” Original cassette and CD listening copy. With history and COA from Geoffrey Giuliano. Formerly the property of John Lennon. From the collection of Derek Taylor.

Bronze Hand Sculpted And Cast Dark Horse Records Logo Statue.
An approximately 17 inch high bronze Statue of George’s Dark Horse records logo, circa 1974. Commissioned by George Harrison and his personal property for years. From the collection of Derek Taylor.

George Harrison’s Indian Harmonium
This wooden, hand crafted Indian Harmonium was the personal property of George Harrison for some years. He used it while chanting Vedic mantras in meditation and prayers. A very beautiful and intimate piece. With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano as well as an additional statement from Hare Krsna friend His Grace Syamanda Das. With very rare unpublished photofrapogs of Mr. Harrison in Vrndanava India on his final trip to the Land Of Krishna where he used this instrument daily.

George Harrison’s Hand Made Prototype Indian Musical Instrument Tamboura.
A very rare original handmade acoustic version of the Indian Tambura custom made from a hand drawing for George Harrison. In a wooden case with various company and personal stickers and a brass name plate reading: HARI GEORGESON which is an Indianztion of George Harrison’s name he also used in India while travelling. With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano and a letter from the craftsman who made this unusual and amazing intstrument. Mr Harrison used this instrument while recording, and in prayer. Formerly the property of George Harrison.

John Lennon’s Bass Guitar
This guitar belonged to John Lennon and was used as a bass in the studio on several recordings by both John Lennon and George Harrison. Either a Hofner or Hofner copy it was one of dozens of guitars owned by Lennon. Acquired from the collection of Derek Taylor it was given to Taylor after the Apple promotional director commented that one of his children was keen to play bass. Comes with a case (not Lennon’s) and a handmade leather guitar strap owned and used by John Lennon. The strings too are original to Lennon. With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano and Barry Finch. Formerly the property of John Lennon. . From the collection of Derek Taylor.

Original Two Virgin’s Photographs By John Lennon
Two Virgin Outtake Photos By John Lennon

Cold Turkey Outtake Photograph Of John Lennon’s Skull By Beatle Photographer David Nutter
16X20 black & white, unpublished print of John Lennon’s skull in x-ray with his glasses and eyes superimposed in the lenses. This photograph is an unused photograph collage for the Cold Turkey advertising campaign in 1969. The photograph is stamped on the back by the photographer by David Nutter, brother of the Beatle’s Savile Road tailor. . With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giulian. Formerly owned by John Lennon. From the collection of Derek Taylor.

The Unused Original IMAGINE LP Front Cover collage / Artwork By Yoko Ono
The Unused Original First Design Artwork For The John Lennon Imagine LP

Two approximately 14X12 unpublished, original negative, color photographs (LP size) of John Lennon intended as the front and back cover of the Imagine LP. Photographed at John Lennon’s home, Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, Surrey, in 1971. The photography session can be seen in the Imagine John Lennon documentary or in the documentary “Gimme Some Truth / The Making Of The Imagine LP, 1971 on at  PART 7 at 3:00. One can also see John Lennon personally showing this actual art piece (offered now for sale) to several friends at his home on at URL: PART ONE (1) in the documentary, “Gimme Some Truth / The Making Of The Imagine Album 1971” PART 1 at: 7:38 . With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano. Formerly the property of John Lennon. From the collection of Derek Taylor.

Note: There are four photos in all which were used by John Lennon to construct the collage which became the LP cover. They are all here. Both panels are beautifully framed and matted.

Note: The front Cover piece has two cloud pieces on paper (collage) placed over the eyes of John Lennon which have come loose from the photo. They are included in the lot and the buyer may, at their descrition, reattach them to the photo before framing. The back cover image has two collage inserts of a sun down which are to go in the area of John Lennon’s eyes. They too, are removed for safety.

Five original, Color Transparencies (Eastman Kodak) Of The Beatles Recording Sgt. Pepper.

Six original period prints (circa 1966) color 5X7 self portait photographs by George Harrison.
These beautiful original negative photographs were taken by George in India in 1966 which includes several shots of his wife Pattie, as well as a self portrait etc. Formerly owned by George Harrison. From the collection of Derek Taylor. With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano.

Three original unsigned pen and ink drawings (circa 1967) by former art school student Eric Clapton while under the influence of LSD

A typed letter on WORDS FROM APPLE color stationary from George Harrison to the other three Beatles
This letter was posted on the wall at Apple and asks the Beatles NOT to break up(via an original unreleased zen like poem/koan reading, “A flower on it’s pretty. A flower in a garden is beautiful.” Hand signed by George Harrison. With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano. From the collection of Derek Taylor. Formerly the property of George Harrison.

George Harrison’s rare Tulsi Wood (108) large Hindu prayer beads
Used for years by Harrison for his most personal and private prayers and meditation. With a COA and history from Geoffrey Giuliano. From the collection of Derek Taylor. Formerly the property of George Harrison. With a statement of history from Hare Krsna leader Syamanda Das. Lot comes with the cloth bag Harrison kept them in as well as an unpublished photo of George with them at the end of his life.

A blue silk coat from around 1967 belonging to John Lennon

There's lots more. If you're a facebooker, there's a facebook page with the photos and full descriptions of the items on offer.

Conditions of sale: Prices are negotiable as we are not, strictly speaking, in the memorabilia business, but rather, seek to obtain the needed funds to renovate the Museum Of 60's Music & Culture in Lockport, New York to facilitate it... See more’s opening for the education and enjoyment of the public at large. All pieces come with a certified, notarized history and COA from The Us Department Of State (for and signed by Geoffrey Giuliano) and in the case of The Fool’s Founder, Barry Finch Esq. a notarized history and COA from a lawyers firm (signed by Mr. Finch) in Amsterdam. All pieces as described. Fully guaranteed in every respect.

For purchase and details, write to Please mention the WogBlog if you do.