Tuesday, 25 May 2010

50 years since The Beatles in Hamburg

On the 17th of August, it will be fifty years since the Beatles started their professional careers by quitting their jobs and schools, changing the band's name to The Beatles, taking on board their drummer for the next two years, Pete Best, and starting their residency at the Indra Club in Grosse Freiheit off the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany.
The anniversary will be commemorated by a four day Beatles festival on location at the Indra Club, featuring a band from New York City who are going to try and recreate what they think the Beatles' set list might have been back in the day. The band's name: Bambi Kino, after the cinema across the road from the Indra, where the Beatles had their first sleeping quarters in the city. The members of the band come from various other groups. They are: Mark Rozzo (Maplewood), Ira Elliot (Nada Surf), Darren Murphy (Moby) and Erik Paparazzi (Cat Power). The concerts are a joint venture between the Indra Club and Hamburg based Tapete Records. The festival starts on Tuesday the 17th of August and ends on Friday the 20th.
Details of other happenings at the festival or events in Hamburg during the festival has yet to reach us, but we'll bet Beatlemania Hamburg wants to be in on the act.
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