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Friday 16 July 2010

Best of Apple Records!

Just announced on the official Apple records website:
Those Were The Days: The Best Of Apple Records (coming out on Oct 26th)

1. Those Were The Days / Mary Hopkin
2. Carolina In My Mind / James Taylor
3. Maybe Tomorrow / The Iveys
4. Thingumybob / The Black Dyke Mills Band
5. King Of Fuh / Brute Force
6. Sour Milk Sea / Jackie Lomax
7. Goodbye / Mary Hopkin
8. That's The Way God Planned It / Billy Preston
9. New Day / Jackie Lomax
10. Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight / Trash
11. Give Peace A Chance / Hot Chocolate Band
12. Come And Get It / Badfinger
13. Ain't That Cute / Doris Troy
14. My Sweet Lord / Billy Preston
15. Try Some Buy Some / Ronnie Spector
16. Govinda / Radha Krishna Temple
17. We're On Our Way / Chris Hodge
18. Saturday Nite Special / The Sundown Playboys
19. God Save Us / Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band
20. Sweet Music / Lon & Derrek van Eaton
21. Day After Day / Badfinger

At the time of writing, the new website is being put together using the templates from the Beatles website. but we expect it to be done soon:

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