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Friday, 2 July 2010

Lord Woodbine: The forgotten sixth Beatle

Lord Woodbine taught the Fab Four the blues– but was written out of pop history. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and James McGrath pay tribute.

The Independent


Anonymous said...

The way they're carrying on about Woodbine being forgotten is not entirely true. As I was reading through it I remembered that Woodbine was portrayed in Backbeat. The one with Ian Hart as John.

Unknown said...

Yes many years later,Lord Woodbine was portrayed in the film.Not too acurate though.He was a tall,thin and spoke with a Trinidadian accent which means that even then finer details missed out.He was much more than a road manager.
What has now come to light from recent research is the great contribution from Lord Woodbine and so many other black musicians from Liverpool who were not given a mention in the story of the Beatles.
50 years later we are now closer to the truth.