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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

After many cry wolves

...and the good thing about it is that they've put together a full concert film of the Washington DC concert from February 11th, 1964 and made it available to watch for free on iTunes. With the full "Twist and Shout" and credits!


kirkenshrir said...

I would have preferred being able to buy the Washington concert on DVD thought...

(or at least buy the iTunes version on its own) :-(

Thumbs down.

Unknown said...

Where are the bonus tracks like Now and Then?

I already have all these songs, no good bonus tracks = money stays in my pocket

Brian Fried said...

I'm disappointed by the limiting of Washington DC to the whole box set, when most of the fans have already bought the box set on physical CD or even the USB.

But Apple did want an incentive, and Apple Records knows from the Lennon and Starr releases that adding videos rather than bonus tracks gives buyers an inventive without ruining the potential for more musical product. (DVD sales are too low to interfere.)

What bothers ME most is that they claim to have The Beatles catalogue, but omit the American albums from the box sets, Anthology, Live At The BBC, Love, 1, Let It Be…Naked and Yellow Submarine — indicating there's going to be a few more waves before we get what we really want: NEW Beatles product for everyone.

Unknown said...

Wow !! Great !!!!at last Washington DC !!!!