Move over, Ms L!

Hi all, wondering why you are looking at this jumbled up page? This is due to the fact that Facebook didn't like our url since it starts with wog, so we have been forced to move the blog. This was some time ago, and we have placed a script which would automatically send you to our new location. Obviously, this hasn't worked for all of you, since we have just finished moderating some of your comments which appeared on this site recently, and not on our new (and improved!) site. So what we're saying is head on over to our new site, and update your bookmarks!

Sunday, 9 January 2011


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Kwai Chang said...

You deserve commendation for all of the cool things you've done at TUBE! I still think you are on top of the scene and you still have a knack for accuracy...Very awesome work, Roger!!! And thanks...