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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Those Were The Days re-recording

Mary Hopkin recording a foreign "Those Were The Days" vocal. To establish Mary Hopkin as an international star, Apple had Mary re-record her debut in four languages.

French "Les Temps des Fleurs" (FO 131)
"An Jenem Tag" in German (0 23910)
"Quelli Erano Giorni" in Italian (Apple 2)
"Que Tiempo Tan Feliz" in Spanish (H 397)

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Beatlesblogger said...

Thanks for posting on this Roger. Interesting to see the Apple offices, Magic Alex and his crazy inventions, and Mary at work in the studio. I've put up a post on Mary's (indirect) connection to the new Paul McCartney release "Kisses on the Bottom" here: