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Saturday, 14 April 2012

McCartney directs Depp

Following this morning's global leak of an enigmatic silent clip revealed to be Johnny Depp signing the lyrics to Paul McCartney's "My Valentine," it's been confirmed that the footage is from the video for the track--which Paul directed himself and will unveil tonight at a Los Angeles location to be announced.

Paul has directed a total of three videos for "My Valentine," one featuring Depp, one with Natalie Portman as principal, and the primary version featuring both actors--all shot on 35mm film with the aid of Academy Award winning cinematographer Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight, Inception), editor Paul Martinez and producer Susanne Preissler.

 "My Valentine" was directed by Paul McCartney based on an original idea inspired by Stella McCartney.
 All photos: MJ Kim
Johnny Depp played his guitar live, and the sound was then mixed in to the original track for the video. Here's Johnny!:
Finally, here's the Natalie Portman video only:

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