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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Archive releases in quad

Things you won't see included in Paul McCartney's Archive DeLuxe editions (but should).
Why? Because it's not in fashion any more. So those of us with surround setups will have to be content with using the full potential of our audio equipment only when watching DVD's with surround sound.

Read more about Beatles and solo-Beatles releases in surround sound on this great page here.


Gabor Peterdi said...

Which is a shame given that most everybody has a good surround system who is into music. I love the feeling of being surrounded by a band, so I really miss these editions. It would be even OK to have the ISO available for buying. Anybody can burn a DVD at home these days... with a DTS 96/24 sound most of us would be happy.

zappafan said...

Most blogs posts music to download and thought this was one of them. When I seen the QUAD "Band On The Run" & especially "Venus & Mars" I was ready to jump for joy. That is, until I discovered that this blog doesn't offer download links.

I was SO looking forward to having those albums in quad and not having to spend big bucks on it.


wogew said...

Yeah well, there are links to buy them... Let me explain my view on bootlegs and pirate releases: Things that have been officially released should be BOUGHT to support the artist. Copies of these things are pirate releases, whether they are presented on physical media or as downloadable files. Things that have historic interest but which the artist or their representatives have chosen not to release are bootlegs, and when leaked will be shared among the craving fans. Sharing or selling bootlegs do not represent any commercial loss for the artist, so I'm not particularly opposed to those. However, when the artist eventually decides to release stuff that has been bootlegged previously, the fans should again support the artist and purchase the commercially available edition of said material, replacing their bootlegs. Venus & Mars + Band on the Run in quad have been released in the nineties. Even though they are no longer manufactured, they are commercially available used, so people who are keen to have them should buy the commercial release. This is just my opinion, your mileage may vary