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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Heart of the country

Paul McCartney just released the remastered "Heart of the country" video from the forthcoming release of his "Ram" album in the ongoing "Archives" series. The video will only be available on the bonus DVD that is included with the deluxe "book" edition of the album. But of course, also here on the internet.

The video was included on his 2007 release "The McCartney Years", which was supposed to but wasn't a complete collection of his music videos. "3 legs", a very similar music video, was not available then, but will be on the new Ram DVD. Until recently, both films were available over at Paul McCartney's official site, in the media section of the Ram album - related content. Meanwhile, here's an old not-remastered version:

McCartney has also released for preview another remastered track from the forthcoming album, "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey". Ram is the only release from Paul McCartney where Linda McCartney received co-credit as the album artist. Around 29 demos from the Summer of 1970 were discovered in Scotland recently that contained all of the demos for Ram with two of the songs having never been recorded. The 29 demos recorded between May - August 1970 are (with comments in parenthesis):

Heart of The Country (great voice and feel)
Too Many People (embryonic version)
Why Am I Crying a.k.a. 4th of July (embryonic version)
Back Seat of My Car (wonderful)
Just Another Day (great)
Gypsy Get Around a.k.a Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (on ukulele)
Ram On (on ukulele)
Rupert-Sunshine Sometime (cool)
Rupert-Guitar Song Instrumental a.k.a. When The Wind Is Blowing (with whistling)
Rupert-Little Lamb Dragonfly (magical)
Smile Away (at the end Paul talks to Linda about having Jimi Hendrix and a jazz drummer for forming a trio to records this song soon)
Love Is Long (with Linda and unknown verses)
Eat At Home/Buddy's Breakfast/Indeed I Do (medley with Linda, loose)
Monkberry Moon Delight/Frenzy (medley, wonderful and crazy)
Get On The Right Thing (another chat between Paul and Linda at the end about Jimi's possible involvement, great take)
Little Woman Love
Country Dreamer (with insects noise)
Long Haired Lady (with Linda)
I Lie Around (country feel)
3 Legs (drunk version, totally out of tune)
We're So Sorry a.k.a Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (drunk too)
A Love For You (bluesy slow version)
She Can't Be Found a.k.a Hey Diddle (country tune)
Some People Never Know (great home version)
Hands Across The Water a.k.a. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (fun but too long)
Tomorrow (with a fun quote about yesterday at the end, Paul said he wrote this as a game)
Big Barn Bed (embryonic version on guitar)
Great Day (with the kids around)
I Am Your Singer (with Linda)


cb70 said...

Actually it was "3 Legs" that didn't appear on The McCartney Years DVD set. "Heart of The Country" can be found on disc 1.

N said...

Hello its available to hear on The web ?

wogew said...

cb70 oops, my mistake! I've corrected it in the posting.