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Sunday, 13 May 2012

McCartney Archive news etc.

Various news items regarding Paul McCartney.
Premium members of Paul McCartney's website might get access to additional RAM goodies - photos/audio/video. No final decision about this has been made yet. You can listen to a sample of Eat at Home/Smile Away live at iTunes now.

Venus and Mars, Speed of Sound,Wings Over America and Rock Show on DVD are planned to be released together around Christmas 2012.

Paul McCartney's new pop album will not be released this year. Apparently he is not happy with the work done so far, so the album is now pushed to 2013.

Giles Martin has requested to do work on Paul McCartney's alternates/demos like he has done for George Harrison. Paul hasn't said yes or no yet.


Brian Fried said...

Any idea if the mid-70s material is just to get them out under Top Spin or are they new releases?

The only reason I ask is that the archives material for Venus & Mars and Speed Of Sound we know about is fairly weak and will be easier to do than Ram. (Then they can do a deluxe WoA/Rockshow set for early 2013 to keep the fans happy.)

cb70 said...

Rock Show is reportedly coming out as a separate release by the company Eagle Rock Entertainment. This was mentioned recently in a trade magazine. The 3 albums from V&M to WOA will be part of the archive series and come in multiple formats like all previous releases.

Look for some nice audio surprises on the website once the go-ahead is given.

Martin Quibell said...

I think it is an interesting request from Giles Martin about Paul's demo's, because that could that make the job easier, and he seems to be doing a good job.

Giles may be stretching himself in some ways though considering that he has started work on a Beatles project that is a hush hush affair, as well as the obligatory Early Takes Vol 2 for George Harrison.