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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ringo about Let It Be

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine recently, Ringo Starr was asked about the Let It Be film on DVD:
Are you thinking about releasing the Let It Be movie on DVD?
I think that's also a possibility. One day that will come out. But we're not talking about it right now. As you know, there's very little that hasn't come out. I'd forgotten that one though. You just mentioned the one thing that hasn't come out. I'm too busy living now…
Read the full interview here.
Ringo's answer is not uplifting news, in March it sounded like the Let It Be DVD project was scheduled for release in a year or two. Now: Who knows?
Read all about the home movie versions of Let It Be and the attempts to release the movie on DVD here


Gabor Peterdi said...

Shea on BD with Hollywood Bowl CD as BEATLEMANIA box set, LET IT BE BD, Promo videos BD with 5.1 sound and Magical Mystery Tour BD. (Help! should also be available as a BD) Ringo, these are all we want. Can we live long enough to get these???

shekespeare said...

Ringo has always been one of the main obstacles to become a reality the issue of Let It Be on DVD. In fact none of them much like that film, but it is one of the things most longed and hoped for collectors. I prefer to continue believing in the words of Michael Lindsay-Hogg who said that in a year or two could materialize the project.

Dano said...

I have it on VHS and enjoy it more than in my youth. Not the best condition, or sound though. Love the rooftop concert too.Also have the 3 disc outtake dvds. Too bad Ringo, Paul et al aren't reaping any income from my purchases, and have no control over the quality of them.