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Monday, 6 August 2012

Abbey Road reshoot

This photo is a capture from the Abbey Road webcam from the 31st of July this year. It features four Beatles lookalikes crossing the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing. You can also note the white VW Beetle which is parked exactly where the original one was. Here's a closer look:
Could it be the one with the LMW 281F licence plate? It's funny because I was at the Wolfsburg VW museum in Germany during my summer holiday, hoping that the Abbey Road Beetle would be featured as part of their exhibition. It wasn't, and when I enquired about it at the counter, the receptionist speculated that it may have been lent to someone for display out-of-house.

I'm afraid I have no information about the purpose of the filming on July 31st.

Don't forget, all the available photos from The Beatles' photo session at the Abbey Road zebra crossing can be found in our page, The Road Goes On Forever.


Debjorgo said...

So the web cam is pointing the wrong way?

wogew said...

Yes, it's mounted just outside the studio gates - so it shows "the other side" of the zebra crossing.

Unknown said...

In bewegten Bildern auch auf youtube

42N said...

Roger: You do a great job of discovering Beatle related stories. I appreciate your work. This post (and links to your past work) was informative and well written. I find it fascinating that these four men have had such a huge impact on us even up through today.