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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Traveling Wilburys multi-angles

The Traveling Wilburys had a hit single "Inside Out" in 1991, it was no. 16 in Billboard's singles charts. Here's a look at three different music video sources simultaneously.
Top Left: Original Promo from 1991
Top Right: Making Of...
Bottom: Official Release with boxed set.

Notice the official promo (bottom) uses almost all new footage, does not use the original opening and closing curtain and crops a bunch of the image.

The "Inside Out" single was released in January 1991 and contained three tracks:
1. INSIDE OUT (Album Version) (3:35)
2. NEW BLUE MOON (Instrumental version) (3:19)
3. COLD DRY PLACE (Album Version) (3:33)

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