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Friday, 23 November 2012

Decca tape from 1983

You may have read a news item regarding a Beatles Decca audition tape which is up for sale at the Fame Bureau auction in London's Mayfair on November 27. The main stream media has picked up on this (as examplified here by The Telegraph). You may have noticed that only ten of the 15 tracks from the original Decca audition are listed on the tape. That's probably because this is just the master tape for the 1983 albums from Backstage Records.
As with all publicly circulating versions of the Decca audition recordings, these are also derived from the old Joe Pope Deccagone singles of the seventies, or from the same tape.

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db said...

There's a clip of Pete Best on the Letterman show promoting the Decca LP, presumably the Backstage release.