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Monday 1 April 2013

Lewisohn Special Edition

The book we're all looking forward to read, the new definitive Beatles biography by Mark Lewisohn is due out with volume one, "Tune in" in October. The trilogy goes under the collective name of "All these years". Volume one is available to preorder from Amazon with a stipulated publication date of October 10. However, if you really want to get into the story in great detail you may want to hold out until November 13th, when the expanded edition is expected.
The regular edition will be big (800 pages), the expanded edition will be bigger. There'll be more to read. 1856 pages, if Google Books is anything to go by. And of course, the price is also expanded.
At the moment, Amazon has a price tag of £30 for the regular edition and a whopping £120 for the expanded one. Details about the differences are expected soon from the publisher Little, Brown.
UK Amazon links:
Word from the publisher:
Everyone knows the Beatles’ story – right? Wrong. Their enduring fame and influence has made them the subject of many books, but this biography is the true ultimate: a riveting read, unbiased, independent, authoritative, accurate, written by the world’s leading authority. A whole new take on the most extraordinary of subjects, and surely the lasting word. Delete what you’ve read or know and start afresh

Tune In is the first book in a genre-defining three-volume project. It takes the Beatles from before their beginning up to the final night of 1962, when they know success is theirs to grasp but they have no clue they’re on the cusp of a whole new kind of celebrity.

This is the lesser-known Beatles story, the pre-fame years, the Liverpool and Hamburg years – and in many respects the most absorbing, extraordinary and incredible period of them all. Here is the full colour story of their family backgrounds, childhoods, and their infatuation with a new and much misunderstood music bursting out of America: rock and roll. Everything comes together in these years and in this one volume: the Beatles’ talent, charisma, looks, sex appeal, personalities, honesty, attitude – and the Lennon-McCartney partnership.

Told with panache, wit and the alluring, authoritative style of a master craftsman, this is one of the most eagerly awaited books for years.

Written from an immense wealth of primary and insider resources, many never heard or seen before, including letters, contracts, photos, recordings and hundreds of new and archive interviews. Researched around the world from public libraries to deep private archives.

The Saturday-night dance in Port Sunlight, July 1962, (this photo has never been seen before) mere months before the revolution – John, Paul and George in harmony and dressed for success.
Sir George Martin:
‘Of all the chroniclers who have studied the lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo, Mark Lewisohn stands supreme. His dedication in getting all the true facts, coupled with a style of writing that is most readable, leaves him with no rival. Time and again he has proven that he knows far more about what we did than any of us. So many other books have been written about the lives of the Beatles that are less than truthful and a great deal of misinformed rubbish has been avidly devoured. We are fortunate to have Mark’s scholarship’

Official book site:


pussman and co said...

Hi, I was a Beatle fan about 40 years ago , and I have a big scrapbook full of pictures and even old beatle magazines in it. I was wondering if I should trow it away or try to sell it at ebay. Would somebody be interested.

James said...

I hope you still are (lol). If you want to raise some money will be interesting to announce your stuffs at Ebay because million people around the world can access the website every day.
James - from Brazil