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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wings over $140

Looks like the tracklist and contents we published earlier were correct. Amazon com has started the preordering of the Wings Over America set at $140.57
The original 28-track album on 2 discs, remastered at Abbey Road Studios.
8 previously unreleased bonus audio tracks recorded live at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
Bonus DVD featuring the 75 minute TV special Wings Over The World and a brand new short film charting the tour route in photographs.
All set within a numbered hardbound slipcase containing:
-112-page book written by David Fricke, featuring new interviews and extensive tour photography
-Exclusive 60-page photographic journal of Linda s images chronicling life on the road
-136-page replica tour book with itineraries, tour program, memorabilia, and lyrics plus 3 (10 x8 ) prints
-80-page book of drawings by artist Humphrey Ocean
24bit 96kHz high resolution audio versions of all 36 songs on the remastered album & bonus audio tracks, accessed via a download code inserted on a card within the deluxe edition package.
So, no "Rockshow", but it has shown up on Amazon (UK) as a Blu-ray, release date 10 June 2013, Run Time: 139 minutes. Looks like there'll be only three editions of WOA, regular, deluxe and vinyl. The regular editions will just be the good old WOA lineup from 1976.


Anonymous said...

I hope the regular deluxe edition (not SUPER deluxe) will still have the bonus disc with the San Francisco songs. I bought Ram Super Deluxe just for the Thrillington CD and I don't plan on doing that again. Even though that box set was amazing.

wogew said...

The standard edition will just have the 2 first discs, I'm afraid. Which is just the regular WOA material.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roger,
does this mean there won't be 3 different editions like the other archive releases had?

Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition & Super Deluxe Edition.

wogew said...

Yes, this time we have only found information on a standard edition and a deluxe. Plus of course the vinyl edition. I have updated the blog post to reflect this.

Brian Fried said...


Can you keep a blog of prices? wants $300 for it — and won't ship it to Canada!