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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Next Archive Releases

As usual, McCartney's latest Archive release contained info on the upcoming releases. No surprise there.


Unknown said...

I really really hope they don't stop after these two. He has so many more albums that need to be done. My only complaint is the slow pace.

DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter said...

Das wußte ich schon seit RAM rauskam Roger

Unknown said...

I really wish we were getting Red Rose Speedway before these two.

Brian Fried said...

The slow pace is brought on by two things:

1. Slow sales, particularly because the deluxe sets are too expensive for the average consumer and take time to sell through their initial run; and

2. The amount of time it takes to produce one of these sets. Keep in mind that McCartney's been busy with Beatles projects, family, new recordings and touring, plus he doesn't have a set plan with each of these LPs as to what goes on with them. (The unreleased Wings Anthology is probably just a starting point.)

And, yes, I'd like Red Rose Speedway too. But I think Paul's being drawn to these two albums because his band's been focused on that period of his career more — look at how many 75 songs have appeared recently!

Speed Of Sound is the hardest LP to tag songs too because there's so little we know from those sessions, so that may be why they are going to do those next as well: they are EASY compared to Wild Life and Red Rose.

Revolution_vanderbilt said...

I do agree with Brian Fried, but...

you would think that, by now, more albums would be in at least the planning stages, and listed as "coming soon."

I really hope that this series will continue beyond these two albums.

Unknown said...

I kinda wish the series would continue, with about 2-3 albums reissued at a time. I mean, they did that at one point in the program a couple years back with McCARTNEY and McCARTNEY II... It would be awesome if they could do that again with V&M and WATSOS (you know what these are) and other albums to come!

Until then, all we can do is be patient... right?

Unknown said...

i just wish that they'd done these two before the live album. I'd rather own the studio versions of the songs. But I s'pose I can't complain really, but I'm in no rush to buy Wings Over America