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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Live at the BBC Vol 2

The "Baby It's You" EP from the "Live at the BBC" project in 1994.
In an internal list of upcoming releases, Universal Music recently revealed plans to re-release The Beatles' "Live At The BBC" along with a new release, "Live At The BBC Vol. 2" on October 4th, 2013. The date is tentative and may be subject to change. "Volume 2" will be BBC recordings of The Beatles not available on the previous volume. "Live at The BBC" was released in 1994, a forerunner of a landslide of new material from the Beatles' archives.

The BBC had a habit of reusing their tapes, which means that most of the Beatles radio shows from the sixties were wiped, however quite a few have later been rescued, courtesy of listeners taping the shows at home and BBC transcription records, which were sent to radio stations abroad. In 2012, the BBC had a campaign, asking their listeners to bring the home taped shows to the BBC for review. Hopefully, some more (or better quality) Beatles shows will have appeared in the wake of this.

Along with the "Live at the BBC" album, a four track EP was released, containing tracks not on the album: "Baby It's You", "I'll Follow The Sun", "Devil In Her Heart" and "Boys". Hopefully, the EP will now be integrated into one of the announced volumes.

Here's the track list for the 1994 release:

CD 1
1 Beatle Greetings 00:12
2 From Us To You 00:27
3 Riding On A Bus 00:53
4 I Got A Woman 02:48
5 Too Much Monkey Business 02:05
6 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 02:30
7 I'll Be On My Way 01:57
8 Young Blood 01:56
9 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 02:14
10 Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 02:07
11 Some Other Guy 02:00
12 Thank You Girl 02:01
13 Sha La La La La 00:27
14 Baby It's You 02:43
15 That's All Right 02:53
16 Carol 02:34
17 Soldier Of Love 01:59
18 A Little Rhyme 00:25
19 Clarabella 02:39
20 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 02:01
21 Crying, Waiting, Hoping 02:09
22 Dear Whack! 00:42
23 You Really Got A Hold On Me 02:37
24 To Know Her Is To Love Her 02:49
25 A Taste Of Honey 01:57 26 Long Tall Sally 01:52
27 I Saw Her Standing There 02:31
28 The Honeymoon Song 01:39
29 Johnny B Goode 02:51
30 Memphis Tennessee 02:12
31 Lucille 01:49
32 Can't Buy Me Love 02:06
33 From Fluff To You 00:28
34 Till There Was You 02:12

CD 2
1 Crinsk Dee Night 01:03
2 A Hard Day's Night 02:24
3 Have A Banana 00:21
4 I Wanna Be Your Man 02:09
5 Just A Rumour 00:20
6 Roll Over Beethoven 02:15
7 All My Loving 02:03
8 Things We Said Today 02:18
9 She's A Woman 03:14
10 Sweet Little Sixteen 02:20
11 1822! 00:10
12 Lonesome Tears In My Ears 02:36
13 Nothin' Shakin' 02:59
14 The Hippy Hippy Shake 01:49
15 Glad All Over 01:51
16 I Just Don't Understand 02:46
17 So How Comes (No One Loves Me) 01:53
18 I Feel Fine 02:12
19 I'm A Loser 02:32
20 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 02:20
21 Rock And Roll Music 02:00
22 Ticket To Ride 02:56
23 Dizzy Miss Lizzy 02:42
24 Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey 02:36
25 Set Fire To That Lot 00:27
26 Matchbox 01:57
27 I Forgot To Remember To Forget 02:08
28 Love Those Goon Shows 00:26
29 I Got To Find My Baby 01:55
30 Ooh My Soul 01:36
31 Ooh My Arms 00:35
32 Don't Ever Change 02:02
33 Slow Down 02:36
34 Honey Don't 02:11
35 Love Me Do 02:29
We'll be back with the track list of "Vol. 2" as soon as we have that.

If Universal Music carries on the EMI tradition, the re-release and the new release will also be available on vinyl, and as digital downloads on iTunes. And with the new merchandising deal, presumably some related products will be made available via the Beatles Official Stores.

(Updated story here)

A book about the Beatles BBC recordings is also scheduled for October in the UK and November in the USA. BBC insider Kevin Howlett is the expert in this field and author of the previous standard books on the subject: "The Beatles At The Beeb 1962-1965" and "The Beatles At The BBC". His new book is entitled "The Beatles:The BBC Archives".


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