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Friday 30 August 2013

Mark Lewisohn - hot off the press!

Mark Lewisohn holds a freshly printed copy of his book, "Tune in". Photo: © 2013 Anita Epstein

Pictured at the printer's, Mark Lewisohn holds a freshly printed copy of his Beatles biography, Tune In, due out in shops October 10th in the UK.
It's a trilogy, and the next volume is likely to be published around 2020, with the final one probably coming around 2027.(Update: Most of the research for these years are finished, just the writing part is left. Lewisohn's more recent estimates have been 2016 for "Volume 2" and 2020 for the final part.)

The book will be made in three different editions, two for the UK and one for USA. In the UK, there's going to be an abridged version of Lewisohn's original manuscript, meant for public consumption and due out 10 Oct 2013, and then a deluxe edition containing the manuscript in full will follow on 14 Nov 2013.

In the USA, the book is due out October 29, 2013, and will contain 1248 pages, whereas the UK editions will be 960 pages and a whopping 1856 pages.

The main difference between the regular UK edition and the USA edition is said to be that the USA edition will have the references pages added, in the UK, these will only be printed in the deluxe edition.

There may be translations to other languages, German and Spanish is plausable, but these have yet to be negotiated.

The books are published in the UK by Little, Brown and in the USA by Crown Archetype. Given the sheer weight of the book, you may opt for a Kindle edition.

Review copies are already out there, and we hear good things so far.

If you want to catch Lewisohn live, he will be appearing at the Essar Chester Literature Festival on October 13th, discussing his book.



DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter said...

There may be translations to other languages, German and Spanish is plausable, but these have yet to be negotiated.

i hope in german

seanmurd said...

Roger, are those dates for Volumes 2 and 3 light-hearted speculation, or really the projected dates? If those are real ... my goodness! Seven more years for each book!

wogew said...

Hello Sean. I'm afraid I can't provide you with a source for that. I remember pickin up the 7 year schedules while reading some accounts of Lewisohn's appearance at Liverpool's Beatle Week, but I didn't take notice of where I read that, and I haven't been able to google it when I was writing this blog post. Over to you, Mark!

georgefromhenley said...

I dont believe in German translations... Too expensive and the market is too small for it. All will have the english version first. and no one needs a German then.

jfire2 said...

Does Mark need to wear that yellow safety jacket because the book is so heavy?

db said...

Kevin Kowlett's book 'The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970' should be worth a squeeze too, though a bit mad to publish it the same day 'Tune In' comes out.

Unknown said...

Is there any update on when Volume Two will be published and available in Australia?