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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Backsides for bootleg CDs

Yesterday we brought you CD labels for your home burned CDs of your iTunes download of The Beatles Bootleg Recordings 1963. Today we have made some back sides. Of course, you may have sequenced the discs differently, and then these will not be usable to you. It would for instance make sense to have the BBC recordings in chronological order. We have just kept them "as is", because that's how the record company sequenced them. We have taken the trouble of correcting the mistaken dates.

We have chosen to burn three discs, even if it's possible to make them fit tightly on two discs. Our reason is that we wanted to treat the BBC recordings as a kind of sequel to the recently released "On Air - The Beatles Live at the BBC Volume 2". Hence the above cover suggestion for the front of these two discs. As front cover for disc 1, "Studio outtakes & demos", we will just direct you to the untampered with original cover.

Here's our three back sides.

You can burn CDs directly from iTunes or use external CD-burning software.
Edit: I was alerted to another back cover online, it's for a double CD which just splits the track list in the middle. It can be found here.


BoneStudio22 said...

wouldn't it be wise to wait till after New Years before finalising Artwork...just in case more is released

bri286 said...

Your usual excellent job - many thanks!