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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Top of the pops dancers

For the British Top Of the Pops music TV shows, often when there was no performance or video clip for a certain song, they would illustrate the songs with dance. So here are a couple of those. First up is the Top Of The Pops Dancers illustrating Wings' "Silly Love Songs", from 1976.

Of course, eventually a real music video for the song was made by Wings.
One video that never was made, was for George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord".  Here's Tony Blackburn from Top Of The Pops in 1971, introducing the dancing troupe "Pan's People" who illustrates that song.

Audiovideo content administered by Universal Music Group. There's a bit of dancing going on in the background of this one as well, John Lennon's "Instant Karma".

To round it off, here's one of Ringo's: "Back Off Boogaloo".


Sara S. said...

What did I just watch? That was really weird!

DeWayne said...


db said...

Pans People everyone: eventually usurped by Legs & co, in turn usurped by Hot Gossip, each troupe racier than the previous.

Unknown said...

I think the dancers in Instant Karma are in fact just audience members.

Unknown said...

I must admit, the "Silly Love Songs" dancers really raised my "spirits" too!

Popper said...

Pan's People were very popular in the day. There was one special one, beautiful babs. Don't know what her name was though.

senormedia said...

The Silly Love Songs dancers are, um, quite fit, eh?