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Monday, 21 July 2014

Paul McCartney Q&A with Rolling Stone

Paul McCartney on stage in Kansas City. Photo © RICH SUGG/The Kansas City Star
In a recent Q&A telephone interview session with Rolling Stone, Paul McCartney reminiscs about going to see Bill Hayley and his Comets back in Liverpool when he was a boy. Perhaps he has been reading Tune In and has had his memory jogged? In the interview, he claims that he has "every memory still intact", a bold statement who has an album called "Memory almost full".
He also fills us in on what he's been doing while under the doctor's orders to rest, one of the things was to records some experimental tracks at home, shades of "McCartney II" looming. Go ahead and read the full interview, it's great stuff.

Source: Rolling Stone
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Fab4fan said...
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Fab4fan said...

I very much doubt that Paul would have been wearing short trousers (as stated in the Rolling Stone interview) when he went to see Bill Haley at the Odeon in Liverpool February 20th 1957. Paul was almost 15 years old at the time and the temperature was between 3 and 8 degrees Celcius (see:
What is quite a coincidence is that the drummer for the Vic Lewis Orchestra (the promotor mentioned in the RS-interview, later manager for Cilla Black) was Andy White who later (as a session musician) played drums on the released version of "Love Me Do" (see:
Thanks for your excellent blog, Roger. Much appreciated also amongst Danish fans.