Monday, 18 August 2014

Beatles CD's on their way?

Vol 3 in the new "Historic Live Recordings" series
We're more than a little puzzled by the fact that OxTango Music got away with re-releasing the Beatles' Star Club tapes on CD, seemingly without any legal action taking place. And what's more,  a couple of days ago they revealed plans for further Beatles CDs in a series called "Historic Live Recordings" (3 double CD sets) as well as a "Get Back Nagra Tape Remasters" (a 3 CD set). The company is also releasing new CDs by Bob Dylan as well as the Rolling Stones.

Is there an amnesty for bootleggers regarding CD releases these days? What's happening? A cunning plan from Apple Corps Ltd to sneak out Beatles recordings for hard core fans?

Track listings and artwork on the company's website:

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