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Thursday 29 January 2015

The smelly revolution

Looks like my recent piece on this blog about The Beatles music videos has made one of my readers upload the film for all to see. What I wrote was: The footage shot for “Revolution” would result in two versions. The Beatles again sang live to a prerecorded tape.
It has been rumoured that in the eighties, the other version of "Revolution" became standard, because in the first version George moves away from John, commenting to Paul "John smells like s**t!"

Now you can be the judge:

And here's the full video:


Jeff Hitz said...

Here's a copy of the audio from the video somewhat cleaned up.

Debjorgo said...

Good try, George, but we're too hip for that these days. Now we've got a little saying:

He who smelt it, dealt it. Or, the smeller's the feller.

Unknown said...

i always thought it was "John's Mic Sounds like Shit"

Anonymous said...

It's 'John's mic sounds like shit'.
but I prefer the new version!

Most bizarre Beatle news of year so far!

Anonymous said...

since george sings backing vocals with paul,i think that is the reason he moved away.and johns mic was very i think he said john's mic sounds like shit.

Fab4John said...

I think it's in reference to Ringo, who's just started to play the kick drum. "He's trying to break the stage!" That's how I read it.