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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Beatles on Peacock Records

A Peacock Records release
One company which seems to be thriving on the expiration of certain copyrights in Europe is Peacock Records. Here's a list of their releases of Beatles material, readily available from their website, as well as from dealers like Amazon in the U.K.

The Beatles: Broadcasting Live in the USA 1964
The Beatles: Live Coast to Coast
The Beatles: Live At Last
The Beatles: The Lost Studio Sessions
The Beatles: Greatest Hits Live On Air 1963-'64
The Beatles: The Lost Decca Tapes
The Beatles: Beatlemania Live 1962-1964
The Beatles: Rare Gems
The Beatles: P.S. I Love You - From Hamburg to Broadcasting House 1961-63
The Beatles: From Me To You

The titles are manufactured on demand onto CD-R and then shrink-wrapped. Some of the titles are also available on vinyl, some on coloured vinyl.
The Broadcasting Live in the USA 1964 title is also available as a DVD (region 0, NTSC) and contains The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show: 9th February 1964 New York, 16th February 1964 – Miami, plus a bonus documentary.
On their website, these performances have been mislabeled as 1963. Can't imagine why...

Peacock Records: Beatlemania Live 1962-1964.

Also on their website, the Surrey based company inform that "Please note due to copyright law we are unable to ship certain products to the USA, these products will be noted in the product description".

The company also maintain a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube account, where they advertise their products.

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