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Friday 10 June 2016

1985 available from Amazon in the U.K.

12" single with 3 tracks
Previously out in a strictly limited availability, now much more readily available from Amazon in the U.K.
We are of course talking about the remixed versions of the song "Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five" from Paul McCartney. The versions have all been remixed by Finnish remixer Timo Maas and Canadian James Teej. This edition is still limited, they say - but we haven't heard any figures as to how small this edition is.

Side A
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five - Original mix (6:01)
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five - Radio Edit (2:47)

Side B
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five - Club Mix (5:08)

Radio edit was available in just 100 copies from a London record store in May, whereas the other two mixes were out on a previous 12" white label single which was limited to 300 copies only, in April. The new edition is released by Virgin Records in the U.K.

Link: Amazon (UK)

The back
The original version of this song is of course to be found on the "Band On The Run" album of Paul McCartney & Wings from 1973, and Paul still plays his version of the song live in concerts. Paul has uploaded a music video for the Radio Edit mix:

The scenes of Paul miming to the song are from Wings' "One Hand Clapping" documentary (1974).


Alvy Singer said...

What is this piece of shit? I know that diehard Beatle fans are completists, etc. But honestly, who wants THAT? I remember a time when the Beatles/MccCartney were about MUSIC, not just MONEY...

Shad Radna said...

It'd be interesting to see the balance sheet for a "project" like this - I'd be surprised if it turned a profit (although frankly it could be number one in every chart going right now, without me knowing). I guess it's kind of a promo for the compilation, so it's hard to quantify whether it's worth the outlay; but I don't know if it's just about money (or even MONEY). I must say though that while I don't think I would actually buy it, I prefer this mix to the original. I like the way it uses a lot of the original track rather than just planting Paul's voice on some pre-existing and totally unconnected backing track that the "remixer" happened to have on his hard drive. I never had much love for the original, but at least you could dance to this. Theoretically.

DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter said...

Alvy Paul has nothing to do, he gets only bonuses paid for

But 8,99 for so a shit is cheap the other shit called pure mccartney was 16,99 euros

Martin said...

The mixes of Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (Not 1985!) are pretty crap... Makes me laugh that Macca threw such a paddy over Spector's work on Let It Be (the album), yet he gives this load of toss his blessing... There should be a really ace remix of The Plastic Ono Band's Cold Turkey instead...