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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Petition to add a disc to Flowers in the dirt

Figure of Eight - one of many constellations of the single.
After the track lists of the new archives edition of Paul McCartney's "Flowers in the dirt" have been published, fans have launched an online petition to add another physical disc to the set.

Link to petition 

Previous archive editions have added single B-sides to the physical discs, but "Flowers in the dirt" deviates from this policy by having these tracks available as downloads only.
Russian fan Evgeny Sokolov created the petition and writes: "We, Paul McCartney fans, are extremely disappointed by the fact that the forthcoming reissue of the classic album Flowers In The Dirt by Paul McCartney will include some great tracks (b-sides, remixes, alternate versions) only as download. The price of the deluxe set is high enough and those who buy those expensive sets deserve actual CD's (and) not downloads".

Paul Sinclair from also weighs in on the subject in an open letter to Paul.

Here are the tracks in question:

1. Back On My Feet * - originally the B-side of "Once Upon A Long Ago" in 1987
2. Flying To My Home * - originally the B-side of "My Brave Face"
3. The First Stone - originally the B-side of "This One"
4. Good Sign - originally a track on the 12" single of "This One"
5. This One (Club Lovejoys Mix) - appeared on a limited UK 12-inch promo single and was released afterwards on a commercial 12-inch single paired with “Figure Of Eight” and only released in very limited quantities in the UK, Germany and France.
6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix) - from the 12" single 12R6235
7. Loveliest Thing * - originally a track on the CD single CDRS6235
8. Où Est Le Soleil? (12” Mix) - originally on a 12" single
9. Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix) - originally on a 12" single
10. Où Est Le Soleil? (7” Mix) - originally the B-side of "Figure of eight" 7" single
11. Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental) - originally a dance club promo only
12. Party Party (Original Mix) - originally a one sided single included in the "World Tour Pack"
13. Party Party (Club Mix) - originally a promo disc for club DJs only.

* The 1993 remastered edition of "Flowers In The Dirt" was part of what was then called The Paul McCartney Collection and the disc contained three bonus tracks which are now to be released as downloads only: "Back on My Feet", "Flying to My Home" and "Loveliest Thing".

Paul McCartney released a myriad of singles for "Figure of Eight" back in 1989, and collectors had a hard time finding them all at the time:
  • Parlophone R6235 - 7"
  • Parlophone RDJ6235 – DJ 7" single
  • Parlophone 12R6235 – 12" single
  • Parlophone 12RS6235 - 12" limited edition single
  • Parlophone 12RX6235 - 12" limited edition single
  • Parlophone CD3R6235 - 3" CD single
  • Parlophone CDRS6235 – 5" CD single
R6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Ou est le soleil? (4:50)

The A-side is remixed by Bob Clearmountain. The B-side has a remix by Shep Pettibone. The original track was only available on the CD version of “Flowers in the dirt”

RDJ6235 - Figure of eight (3:59) / Ou est le soleil? (3:57)

This release is a special DJ mix. Both versions are edited compared to the official release. Not commercially available.

12R6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / This one (Club lovejoys mix) (6:10)

12" single. The B-side is not only a remix but a completely new version with different lyrics.

12RS6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Où Est Le Soleil? (4:50)

Same material as the 7” single, but on this 12” limited edition pressing, the image from the front of the sleeve is etched into the disc on the B-side.

12RX6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Où Est Le Soleil? (7:10) / Où Est Le Soleil? (tub dub mix) (4:30)

12" single. Two different mixes of "Où Est Le Soleil?". A third, instrumental mix was to be found on a special promotional 12" single released to dance clubs only.

CD3R6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Rough ride (4:54) / Où Est Le Soleil? (7" mix) (4:50)

A special 3-inch CD single. "Rough ride" is a remix only available here and on the 1990 2CD Japan special edition release of "Flowers In The Dirt".

CDRS6235 - Figure of eight (4:04) / The long and winding road (Lennon/McCartney) (3:53) / The loveliest thing (3:59)

This release had a new track "The loveliest thing".

"This One" was another single from the album, released in quite a few configurations:
  • Parlophone R6223 – 7" single
  • Parlophone RX6223 - Limited edition 7" pack
  • Parlophone 12R6223 - 12" single
  • Parlophone 12RX6223 - Limited edition 12" single
  • Parlophone CDR6223 - CD single
R6223 - This one (4:10) / The first stone (McCartney/Stuart) (4:03)

The regular 7" single

RX6223 - This one (McCartney) (4:10) / The long and winding road (Lennon/McCartney) (3:50)

Limited edition boxed set containing 6 postcards and a 7" single. The Beatles track taken from the recording of the "Put It There" video cassette special.

12R6223 and CDR6223 - This one (4:10) / The first stone (McCartney/Stuart) (4:03) / I wanna cry (4:40) / I'm in love again (Domino/Bartholomew) (2:40)

Released on a 12" single as well as on a CD single.

12RX6223 - This one (4:10) / The first stone(McCartney/Stuart) (4:03) / Good sign (6:52)

Another 12" single.

"Party Party" appeared this way:

Parlophone R6238 - 7" one sided single
Parlophone CD3R6238 -3" CD single
Parlophone 12R6238 - 12" DJ promo

R6238 and CD3R6238 - Party party (P.McCartney/L.McCartney/McIntosh/Stuart/Whitten/Wickens) (5:36)

This single was not available on its own, but was added as a bonus disc when buying the "Flowers in the dirt - World tour pack" on either vinyl or CD.

12R6238 - Party party (original mix) (5:36) / Party party (Bruce Forest club mix) (6:27)

Promo pressing only released to club DJs.

"Où Est Le Soleil?"
  • Parlophone 12SOL 1 - 12" DJ promo single
  • Parlophone 14 2034136 12" Italian single
  • Capitol V15199 - 12" USA single
Où Est Le Soleil? (7:10) / Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub mix) (4:30) / Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental mix) (4:30)

The Parlophone promo was only pressed in a few hundred copies aimed at club DJs, but the Italian release was available all over Europe.

Link to petition

Paul McCartney has responded positively to Russian requests in the past. In 2008, a survey on a Russian Beatles fan site concluded that the song most fans wanted Paul to include on his set list was a track from the "Band on the run" album, "Mrs Vandebilt" - which had been a hit in the Soviet Union. Paul responded by rehearsing the song and included it in his set list when he played a free concert in Kiev that year, saying in Ukranian: "We were asked to do this". The song remained in his set list for years after that, as it proved to be one of the non-Beatle songs fans could sing along to.

Also planned for download only release are the following cassette demos:
1. I Don’t Want To Confess
2. Shallow Grave
3. Mistress And Maid

The Archive edition of "Flowers In The Dirt" is due out March 24, 2017 - below are Amazon links for preordering:

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition (3CD 1DVD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Special Edition (2CD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Double LP


vagma said...

The probability that this will result in an extra CD in the box set is zero.

Andreas said...

The probability that I am going to buy the set in the announced format is zero then, too.

Dirceu said...

Hey guys, check this open letter to MPL this great reissue blog has done. Along with the petition, we should tweet to Macca and make them hear us who make him richer.

winston o´boogie said...

I encourage this petition BUT I think that the sets are ready to put in stores by now, so an added CD is out of the question. It would be nice though.

bx6095 said...

This one (Club lovejoys mix) has different lyrics? - which part? - I'm not aware of this.

Unknown said...

Now appears as a five disc set in amazon!!