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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Ebay opportunity: Egypt Station on green vinyl

Green vinyl, exclusively to Spotify customers who favour Paul McCartney
Okay so here's the deal: there is an exclusive green variety of Paul McCartney's upcoming vinyl 2LP "Egypt Station" available to a very specific group of people: Greedy ebay dealers based in USA and Europe. Through these links, it's possible to order this special edition, and here's a good thing: It only ships to USA and Europe! Can you believe it?

Capitol Records are literally feeding us this golden opportunity to make a lot of dough from international hardcore McCartney fans! Of course, these are willing to shell out top dollar for this item, which Capitol Records (praise their marketing dept) are unwilling to sell to them!
So now, all we need to do is order these records, and when they arrive, we can make a whole lotta dough on ebay! Because, of course we'll ship anywhere, as long as the money's good!

This special pressing was only to be made to Spotify customers who have Paul McCartney as "featured artist" in their streaming setup, but now it's open to anyone who has the link to this item at the Paul McCartney Web Store.

Here's the supposedly secret link for USA.
Here's ditto for Europe.


appleboy said...

I managed to order one, to be shipped to me in New Zealand.

appleboy said...

Ps the link I got was to a uk McCartney site, pounds 32, plus 10 pounds shipping to New Zealand. The link I got from someone who posted it in the Egypt Station thread on the Steve Hoffman forum

andywharris said...

Thanks for the heads up appleboy....just ordered it in the UK.

David Brailsford said...

Roger is cranky today. Don't blame resellers if the original seller won't ship to you. It's just a record. Don't buy it. Just wait a couple of months and it will come down in price.

Anonymous said...

Would this hobby be as much fun if this wasn't the case? I often wonder. I'll just assume it wouldn't so that I feel better about it.

David Brailsford said...

Sorry, Roger :) You have a friend here in the USA. If you ever need anything, I would be glad to help you anytime. Just drop me an email at, Your site is the best. NOW, can you help me with my Herpes, LOL

Unknown said...

Able to order 2 copies from Macca to Australia no problems. Looks like there may be another coloured version yet to be announced or so it seems today on the Macca site ?

Rich said...

Really! People will buy any old crap these days. Get a grip its not special just green

Unknown said...

Dont be a dick Richard. Pun intended.