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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Beatles for geeks

Furore #24, January 2019.
The other day I was sent a highly interesting Beatles magazine. Interesting for geeks like me, I mean. Furore is a gazette compiled and designed by Piet Schreuders and published at highly irregular intervals since 1975. Issue number 24, with publication date January 2019 is a Beatles special. You may remember Piet Schreuders as the co-writer of The Beatles' London as well as from a recent film he compiled of Beatles locations in Stockholm, Sweden. As you understand, Piet is interested in "then and now" pictures of historic locations. Endorsed by Mark Lewisohn, who has also written one of the articles in the magazine, here's what he says: "The world’s most interesting publication dedicates an entire issue to the world’s most interesting subject, and approaches it from the most oblique and fascinating angles. There’s something for everyone here. Don’t be shy – buy."
The contents of this Beatles special:

  • COVER STORY – Andre Barreau describes the exact spot where Fiona Adams photographed the Twist and Shout cover picture;
  • Mark Lewisohn writes about the jobs the Beatles had before they were Beatles;
  • Lucas Ligtenberg and Piet Schreuders describe the unforgettable canal tour of Amsterdam, 6 June 1964, and reveal who jumped onto the Beatles’ boat;
  • The original poster of ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!’ is finally on public view, take a look at the various reimaginations of the poster and see how they compare with the original.
  • Har van Fulpen studies the Beatles’ signatures, real and almost real;
  • Piet Schreuders revisits the beach near Weston-super-Mare where Dezo Hoffmann created his classic Beatles photos;
  • The photo sources of Richard Hamilton’s ‘White Album’ poster revealed;
  • How The Analogues re-created ‘Revolution 9’;
  • Piet Schreuders shows some of his ‘then-and-now’ photos he made for The Beatles’ London and Adam Smith picks out a few memories of this immortal project

Spread from magazine
116 pages – full colour – GBP 15 / USD 19.50 / EUR 16,95 / JPY 2200

Ordering: Furore


cnelvis said...

Can you put up a scan of the Mr. Kite poster? So curious!

LetEmOut said...

I got my copy last week. This is absolutely fantastic - proper research and writing.

peerke said...

I got my copy last Friday. The attention to detail is fabulous.
Really recomended.

David Brailsford said...

This is from the website for the magazine: Here is the poster.

Debjorgo said...

Thanks for the link David. The original has a little "bleed" in it. I wonder if it looked as crisp as the copy in the Sgt Pepper box when it was new. Am I correct to assume that the Sgt Pepper recreation is smaller than the original. You can't make out the "IPE.DEL.ET.SC.LIVERPOOL" at the bottom of the top left drawing on the reproduction (or whatever it says. I can't make it out on the original either).

This is a very interesting looking issue. Maybe my questions are answered there. Unfortunately, the Beatles have already emptied my bank account for this month (and a few months to follow).

Fab4John said...

Amazing issue! Lots of cool pix and interesting stories/reconstructions.


Piet_S said...

Debjorgo said...
> Am I correct to assume that the Sgt Pepper recreation is smaller than the original.

Yes -- the original's size is 530 x 270 mm (including the frame).

> You can't make out the "IPE.DEL.ET.SC.LIVERPOOL" at the bottom of
> the top left drawing on the reproduction.

This question is also answered in the magazine. It's the name of the engraver, Thomas Fife, from Liverpool.

Domeit said...

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Unknown said...

They're charging $18.50USD shipping!

Piet_S said...

That's right: $18.50 is the lowest possible ("Standard") rate for shipping from The Netherlands to the US, Canada, Australia etc. Almost as expensive as the magazine itself. It can't be helped!

bob katz said...

I have this edition and have read it. It's a great read for any Beatles fan. It's in excellent condition. I will send it to any US address for $25. Shipping included. Contact me at I only have one.

bob katz said...

If anybody in the US is interested in buying my copy of this great magazine, please contact me at's in perfect condition.

bob katz said...

you are doing a disservice to your readers by blocking my offer to sell my copy of the magazine. they are charging crazy rates for shipping to US and as you see in the comments, many Beatles fans who would like the magazine, are not buying it. i'm now putting it up on Ebay where they will have to pay more now because of your censorship.