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Thursday 11 October 2018

Come On To Me

It's finally becoming a physical single for people to buy.
October 9, on his wedding anniversary, Paul published this music video for "Come On To Me", a song which, alongside "I Don't Know" was released on June 20th on streaming services as a foretaste of his "Egypt Station" album. Along with the video comes this challenge: "Do you think you have better moves than Freddie? Show us! Film yourself dancing to ‘Come On To Me’ and post a video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge "

On Record Store Day November 23 the single "I Don't Know"/"Come On To Me" will be made available on vinyl in a limited edition. According to, the edition will be limited to only 5000, and each copy will be hand-numbered, a one-time pressing, and a double A Side single. We have however, previously experienced that information presented on this website have only concentrated on the U.S.A. market, and that international editions have been made available elsewhere on the planet, bringing the total amount of records pressed up a bit. This has certainly been true for previous McCartney and Beatles RSD releases. However, the UK edition of the website, has no mention of the McCartney single, at least not yet.

Rare white label promo single
An extremely rare, earlier edition of this single was pressed up in only 200 copies and given for free to Capitol Records executives around the world.

Link: Record Store Day

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