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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Something new

The official announcement came today, a new experience of the "Abbey Road" album, spearheaded by the release of the track "Something" in three versions, the demo (as on "Anthology III"), the string arrangement only, and in the brand new stereo remix. So get your headphones on, and listen to this:

The three versions also available on some streaming media platforms, like Spotify.
"Come Together" also sounds smashing, judging from the bits in the presentation videos. The stereo mix is based on Sir George Martin's mix, he supervised the original mixing sessions.
As there's no reason for me to simply give you the words from the press release, here it is from the horse's mouth: Official press release.

As for formats and contents, these have been described by the Superdeluxeeditions blog, so I don't have to ramble on about that, either.

Finally, here's the link to preorder the stuff.

And here's a couple of promotional videos:



Martin said...

Be great if Apple did a new video for 'Come Together'. The 'Glass Onion' promo for last year'a 'White Album' reissue was great. 'Come Together' should have a better video than the diabolically bad one that was put out on the '1' DVD.

The strings version of 'Something' is wonderful... RIP both Georges...

Unknown said...

A great addition to the collection. Looking forward to this the way....I have a version of Oh Darling by John was aired on Dutch radio in the eighties. No problem it is not on the new box set...just wondering.

Beatlemilio said...

It seems there is a mistake in the tracklist on the Superdeluxeeditions blog.
The CD 3 (super deluxe edition) has actually 11 tracks (not 12) because "The Long One" is in fact the same as the Medley.
That means that the deluxe edition has only 7 tracks less than the super deluxe one.
Maybe the huge medley in their original running order, with "Her Majesty" on their original place, and in their final master versions newly remixed could be a great addition for this release.

piper909 said...

Note that Amazon.US currently lists the vinyl version as two discs, which is obviously incorrect.