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Friday 6 December 2019

The Beatles on People And Places October - December 1962

This just in from Mark Ashworth: A Friday night treat for you all.

The audio of the Beatles' appearances on Granada TV's People and Places were recorded by Adrian Killen, a 16 year old fan from Kirkdale on a reel to reel deck wired to the TV Speaker.

It was sold at auction and purchased by Apple in the 1990s. If I recall correctly the going rate at that time was £2000 per track.

Thirty years after I was allowed to hear the sample tape, I can tonight proudly present that same tape to you!

I've long since questioned why none of these recordings made it on to the Anthology CDs as the quality is great. Why Apple buy these things and then don't do anything with them is beyond me.

As per the photo below, note that John sang Love Me Do without his guitar and Ringo's drum break in the middle harmonica solo isn't too dissimilar from the Pete Best take on Anthology 1.

Some Other Guy is just wonderful and you can hear the madness at the end of track when, by prior arrangement John and Paul threw their hands above their heads and started whooping!



RSTVMO said...

Found this earlier, profound [audio] discovery! But what is the main photo you added? Unseen! But it's not from the People and Places, is it? Cannon!? No drumhead logo.

Another helpful link:

James Peet said...

There's an obvious thought - does anybody think that this kind of early music might see the light of dave? There's plenty of semi-legal/illegal stuff available from Amazon (they'll anything or let others sell anything). Why doesn't Apple put together a collection that would wipe the floor with these grey market releases.

Love Me Do sounded similar to the version from January 1963 for the BBC. Here's hoping...

db said...
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Unknown said...

I like Love Me Do better on this than the albumn.More energy, it seems.I always thought it felt sterile, Not here.

Rich said...

Perhaps Apple are saving this for the extended reissue of the the early Beatles albums, assuming they will get round to those once they've done Let It Be?

bradfinger said...

We can only hope Apple deems this and other early home/live recordings worthy of release someday.

bradfinger said...
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