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Thursday 5 March 2020

Hamburg festival cancelled

Because of the outburst of the corona virus, the Come Together Experience team in Hamburg has decided to postpone the upcoming festival, which was planned for March 27-29. They do not know when new dates can be set. This is what they write:

The developments of the past days and weeks have led to intensive discussions among our team regarding the feasibility of the “Come Together Experience Festival”, to which we will welcome several thousand visitors from various countries.

According to the renowned Robert Koch Institute, a rapid spread of the “corona virus” is to be expected in Germany, the extent of which cannot be estimated right now. The virus has been active in Germany for a few weeks now, as well as in several countries from which we expect visitors. The number of infected people is still increasing, and it is not foreseeable when a point will be reached when we will be forced to cancel the festival.

It would be grossly negligent to ignore the danger of a possible pandemic. All statements by scientists on the subject are very clear: the virus will continue to spread. Health authorities are keeping all their options open as to how they will react to the possible scenarios. These options could include official requirements we as organisers cannot possibly implement. We believe it better to take action today.

We make every effort to find a new date for the festival as soon as possible. We would like to ask all ticket holders, who have been looking forward to this festival as much as we do, to bear with us and remain patient. We definitely want to announce a catch-up date as soon as possible, but it won’t be an easy task to reschedule all locations and artists. Still, we will do our very best to make the festival possible, and we ask you to support us.

Warmest regards

Your Come Together Experience team

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