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Thursday, 23 April 2020

The two Georges

Unknown, Paul, George Martin and George Harrison.
For St. George’s Day, Paul McCartney posted this previously unpublished Polaroid photo from his 1981 session with George Harrison at the latter’s studio, FPSHOT.
Paul was recording his new album, Tug of War at the time, so George Martin is present as producer to oversee George H adding a guitar solo to the track «Wanderlust». But before doing that, George wanted to record Paul’s contribution to the John Lennon tribute, «All those years ago».
After having finished that, George never did get around to record his guitar contribution to Paul’s track. The faceless person to the left may or may not be Geoff Emerick.

This is the third photo we have from this session, all presumably taken by Linda McCartney.

Denny Laine in fromt of the trio.
This was published last year in Linds's polaroids book.
Paul, Linda and Denny added backing vocals to "All those years ago", but George Harrison mixed them so low in the finished track that their contribution may be regarded mainly as symbolical.


CrackinThunder said...

Very interesting piece of post-Beatle history. I always thought that Paul and Linda's contribution to "All Those Years Ago" was done remotely. Was nice to see them connecting with George in person at that time.

Unknown said...

What happened to George's guitar solo on Wanderlust?

Unknown said...

George is not on Wanderlust unfortunately. So there is no recording of it available (because it never happened). On internet is a version from All those years ago with the vocals of Paul and Linda more audible.

Best regards from Patrick