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Thursday 18 June 2020

First Beatles drum logo?

Rory Storm on the stage of the Top Ten Club with Tony Sheridan’s band.
Here’s a picture we were reminded of today. The Beatles and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes alternated playing sets at the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg in 1960. There has never been published a photo of either band on stage at the joint. But they used to sneak off to the Top Ten Club on the Reeperbahn to jam with «the teacher», Tony Sheridan. Which got them into trouble with Bruno Koshmieder, their employer.

This is a photo of Rory Storm singing with Tony Sheridan’s band at the Top Ten Club. But does that bass drum behind Rory say «Beatles»? Because if it is, this is the only time we have seen a Pete Best bass drum with the name Beatles on it. Well, we have of course seen the famously faked one.

Tony Sheridan with his band at the Top Ten Club.
This and more photos over at the brilliant Savage Young Beatles site.


James Peet said...

The bass player seems to be using a violin bass guitar - whether Hofner or not.

Geert said...

I can't shake the feeling it looks suspicious. At least it has been touched up to make it more readable?

bob katz said...

Just ask Pete. He should know.