Thursday, 11 December 2008

BBC Radio 2 Celebrates "The Beatles"

So The Beatles and Apple Corps failed to deliver the 40th anniversary new remastered edition of the White album in time. The tie-in promotional items were duly available from the official Beatles store, though (see separate entry). But the BBC delivered. As part of their Album season, they broadcast an hour long radio documentary on the album, where the producers, engineers and technicians who worked on the LP recalled their contributions.
Presented by Guy Garvey from Elbow, and featuring some of the classic tracks from the album, the show included contributions from Chris Thomas, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Donovan, Richard Lush, Ken Scott, Barry Sheffield (of Trident Studios) and Brian Gibson as well as Paul, George and John.
For those of you who had the opportunity to record the programme off the air, I have produced some cover art, should you see it fit to archive the show on CD.


Jim said...

how can i get a copy of your book
'beatles in norway'??


Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot man for your work and for sharing this and so many other things...

rayjoe said...

Thank You for for finding andproviding this stuff for all of us. Specially the 5 Beatles interwiev clip.