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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Who was Trevor Jones?

I met and took this photo of Trevor Jones in London in 1982. Wings was no more and Paul wasn't touring, so Trevor was Pauls "minder" and kept in the back. In a 2008 interview with Howie Edelson, Denny Seiwell said of Trevor: "The roadies; Ian Horn and Trevor Jones - they were brothers-in-law, I guess. Ian married Trevor's sister. . . something like that - I don't know. But the next couple of years it was just me and Henry (McCullough) and Ian and Trevor. We were like always together. Trevor died. What year was it that Linda (McCartney) died? '98. Well then, Trevor died just before that, I think. He had an alcohol problem. Paul told me about this. I had no idea. Paul said that he had to give him the 'golden handshake' because of his boozin' and that he had passed away."
Okay, so I cropped this photo square and put a title on it, what's it to you? ;-D

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