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Monday, 4 April 2011

Some Other Guy Take 1 Reconstruction

A reconstruction from several sources pieced together by Hobnail.
Wednesday 22 August 1962, with Ringo in his very early days with The Beatles, this footage was professionally filmed in the Cavern Club, Liverpool. The footage was intended for the TV program "Know The North". For a discussion about the footage filmed, see The Savage Young Beatles site.


Lemmings said...

The Beatles - Some Other Guy (Cavern Club, 1962) (2011 Stereo Remaster) [FULL HD - 1080p]

db said...

That's a great job, I even quite like the edits between different source tapes! It just shows you how many generations down the copying of footage sometimes will go. When the 'master' copy can't be found you have to rely on reproductions, home recordings, etc —— like Live at the BBC which uses fan recordings for this reason, yet superior quality fan recordings of the same performances have since emerged.It's tricky. The dust is still settling on The Beatles, and we need to salvage and preserve what we can.

Again, great edit job on Some Other Guy.