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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Buyer beware

US blog readers: if you are going to buy the Deluxe edition of Paul McCartney's latest album "Kisses on The Bottom", go to Target Stores. There are two Deluxe versions of "Kisses on The Bottom", one has 14 tracks, the other 16. According to the sticker on the shrink, the 16 track (the one with "Baby's Request") is a Target Exclusive. Both the 14 and 16 tracks Deluxes have the download card for the upcoming Capitol performance. So, unless you want to buy the album twice, it looks like Target, in the US, is the way to go. Good luck.

This thing with making editions exclusive to certain chain stores has been going on for a while. It used to be specific countries. Like you could only get the 2 disc version of "Flowers in the dirt" in Japan. And the 2 disc "Off The Ground - the complete works" was available in Japan and Germany only. I remember when "Flaming Pie" was out, you would get an exclusive "Oobujoobu" CD for free, only if you bought "Flaming Pie" at a Best Buy store in the USA. Anywhere else in the world, it just wasn't available. And if you want the current Ringo album in it's deluxe edition, that's an exclusive.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the vinyl edition 2LP version of "Kisses on The Bottom" only has fourteen tracks. 4 on each side of LP 1, three on each side of LP 2. Which means that even vinyl buffs will have to fork out for the deluxe edition on CD (16 tracks version) in order to keep their collection complete. I smell dollars.

Paul McCartney will commemorate the release of his "Kisses On The Bottom" with a once in a lifetime free streaming performance taking place live at 7:00 p.m. PST Thursday 9th February, from the famed Capitol Studios in Los Angeles where much of the new album was created. Fans can watch the intimate concert through iTunes on their Mac or PC. That's four in the morning on the tenth, my time.... yawn.

Here's a good read, an article which couples together the two single song releases "My Valentine" and "Wings" and makes it into a good old-fashioned Beatles single.


Bob K said...

Can anyone confirm if the Target version really has the download card in it?

Bob K said...

I opened the Target version and it DOES contain the download card.

chained and perfumed said...

Did the vinyl not come out? I got a email from amazon US this morning saying they can't fill my order until mid-March but they didn't indicate if the delay is on their end or the record label's end. Either way, annoying.

bx6095 said...

Does anybody know what is on the exclusive slipcase?

chained and perfumed said...

Never mind. It's shipped apparently