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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Who is Paul McCartney?

Well. At least they say that's a trending topic on Twitter these days, so I'm going with the flow here. But I have to admit, after today those of us who are in the know has another question which goes more like: Who does Paul McCartney think he is?
A couple of days ago, I noticed that someone posted a link to a site where a captured stream of McCartney's recent concert from the Capitol studio, audio and video, could be found. I took no note of it, because in my deluxe edition of "Kisses On The Bottom" there was a card which read: "Download "Paul McCartneys exclusive performance at Capital Studios, Hollywood, California on Thursday 9th February". Included was a code which you could use to redeem this offer. So I didn't bother with the bootlegged stream, I had watched the concert on iTunes on my computer and waited for today to come along, so I could download it an watch it on my TV.

Imagine my surprise when all I got was a zip file containing four mp3's! I felt my hero had let me down for once. And for no reason. Those who paid for the deluxe because they wanted to do this the legal way felt betrayed. While the ones who never pay for anything except for their broadband subscriptions are downloading both the album and the full concert performance video. And those who aren't computer savy are buying the concert video bootleg on DVD. So go ahead Paul, you may fire your advisors. Again.


Echoes said...

I totally agree. This is total bush league! I bought the deluxe CD at Best Buy. It is being advertised as having the additional tracks, which is FALSE. I got duped. Like you I also got duped about the download. 4 tracks... I thought I was going to get the entire set from the other night. It is a total PO! I am going back to Best Buy to plead my case, because it is a clear case of false advertising. They have it listed on their website as well, and hope Target has a copy. I bet if you play a track backwards, it will say ha ha! I am not dead after all!!

pjmaclen said...

One of these days Macca/Apple will get ir right.
But for now they continue to allow the bootleggers to cash in.

Tony said...

I also was expecting full video concert download - for that reason, I didn't get up at 3 in the morning to watch it, herein the UK! And 4 tracks!! Misers.

Stephane said...

I didn't buy my deluxe because of the download card but I agree. Yesterday, I really felt disappointed to say the least and maybe betrayed to say more.

Brian Fried said...

I bought mine digitally, and was supposed to get a download. No code has been e-mailed yet, proving that TopSpin still doesn't understand customer service.

Echoes said...


If you don't get the download, email me and I will send you the tracks. This release was a total fiasco!

bx6095 said...

Now they are selling the live tracks on iTunes:
I wonder if there will be a final limited deluxe bonus CD release with these, or they will stay digital only.