Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen and Paul McCartney

Here at last is a professionally recorded video from Paul McCartney's guest appearance at Bruce Springsteen's concert at the Hard Rock Calling do in London in July.
"The Boss" told the crowd he had waited 50 years for his moment to sing a duet with a Beatles legend. But the 62 year-old rock star barely got through two songs at Hard Rock Calling with Sir Paul McCartney before he was silenced by a council-imposed curfew during "Twist and Shout".
Sir Paul had taken to the stage in London’s Hyde Park as part of the encore following Springsteen’s three hour concert on Saturday night. As 80,000 rapturous fans yelled their delight under the pouring rain, the microphones were switched off after the “health and safety” curfew was breached by eight minutes, leaving the singers to leave the stage in silence. Here's "I Saw Her Standing There".

You can watch "Twist and Shout", courtesy of a fan made film here.

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