Saturday, 29 September 2012

Vinyl remasters, an expensive book

So, the Beatles remastered albums on vinyl finally hit the big news media. I must confess that I think this is a very expensive way to buy a book, which is all I need from this boxed set. So I'm going to pass. I already have all the albums, bought one at a time in the seventies. Got them all in stereo, got them all in mono. Even the rare first mono version of Revolver. I think I must have around six Revolvers and five Sgt. Pepper's. And remasters? Got them on CD. And digital. And the eighties CD's. If they were remixes, I might have bought them. Loved what they did to the songs on Yellow Submarine Songtrack. This release however, leaves me cold.

Ah, but that book.... sigh.
Meanwhile, there'¨s been a big drop in price over at Amazon (UK), where the original price for the boxed set was listed as £445.40, now it's gone down to £299.99.


Anonymous said...

Put it this way. There ain't nothing gonna be in that book that ain't been in Mojo a hundred times already. Try 'Ten Years that shook the World'. And it's Kevin Howlett, not Mark Lewisohn. ;-)

Anonymous said...

However, I'm not too sure that the new album packages themelves aren't going to be desirable, as I've found most of the post-1994 Apple vinyl packages to be.

The vinyl itself is ludicrous as remaster. Analogued digital analogue.