Saturday, 28 September 2013

Target edition of "New" comes with DVD

Target version of "New"
Word just reached us that there's going to be a version of Paul McCartney's album "New" exclusive to the U.S.A. store chain "Target", which will include a limited edition DVD. The DVD will contain the Canadian TV feature "A Rendez-vous with Paul McCartney", a 22 minutes long documentary about the Canadian leg of the "Out There" tour. The DVD will be included in the initial DeLuxe edition at the "Target" stores.

So, time for summing it all up again, I guess:

Standard edition: Has the basic 12 tracks, plus hidden track: "Scared"

Regular DeLuxe edition: Same as Standard edition, plus 2 bonus tracks: "Turned Out" and "Get Me Out Of Here"

Best Buy exclusive: Same as Regular DeLuxe edition, plus photo cards and a badge

Target edition: Standard edition, plus a DVD.

Japanese DeLuxe edition: Same as Regular DeLuxe edition, but with one added bonus track "Struggle"

iTunes deluxe edition: Has 14 tracks, 13 of them still unnamed but with timings. The final track is listed as 6 mins 15 secs, possibly then "Secret Life of a Party Girl", which has previously been listed on Amazon as a bonus track, but has been removed from there. OR it could be that the timing indicates that these are actually two tracks, with the hidden "Scared" tacked onto "Get Me Out of Here".

Vinyl: Likely just the 12 standard tracks, probably with the hidden 13th track, possibly includes download card.


John Sanchez said...

Ok, enough. I really enjoy your blog and certainly you're a person that could answer this, but why so many different versions of it? To be able to sell lots of them?

Roger Stormo said...

I think it's the bargaining power of these two chain stores. Both Best Buy and Target want people to buy the CD from their store, and not from somewhere else. When Best Buy negotiated a deal for their version to include a photo pack and a badge, Target needed to have something even better to offer. As for the Japanese version, the market in Japan is dominated by cheaper imported CDs from Taiwan, so in order to lure people into buying the Japanese edition, they also had to have something not on the Taiwanese version. As for why a standard and a DeLuxe edition, perhaps the 12 track is how McCartney envisioned the album, and the DeLuxe is for diehards.

Brian Fried said...

Target has another need, Roger: Target is opening stores across Canada only for Canadians to complain prices are higher than those we patronize in the US.

As for why the standard/deluxe editions: there's two reasons for that. First, it's a measurement of the fan base, as mostly fans would be willing to pay extra for one or two songs. Second (and more importantly), stores have to carry both copies on their shelves to meet customer demand, which increases sales and presence.

Brian Fried said...

Forgot to add that the Target DVD's connection to Canada underlines that need for connection. (Sorry!)

THE CZAR said...

I think the Japanese version has a 47 minute "making of" video too.