Wednesday, 16 October 2013

New - Extra material

Best Buy photo pack

Best Buy with Photo pack: Here are the six photos from this package. The only thing on the back of the photos are copyright information. Included also is a laminated pass a la a backstage or photo pass that you get at concerts.

Laminated pass - front
Laminated pass - back

Japan edition: If you still haven't heard "Struggle" - bonus track only in Japan, you may find it over on  YouTube.
Japan DeLuxe edition

The cube

FYE/Independent record stores cube: So here's the cube, free with purchase from FYE (but very limited quantities) or indie record shops. You can turn it on or off and it's battery operated - it glows in different colours. Nothing box, anyone? If any of you have got one to spare, please send it to me. People are trying to sell it over at ebay for ridiculous prices.

Target with DVD: The extra disc is a DVD containing only the documentary Rendezvous Backstage With CBC-TV at a little more than 22 minutes. No extra material, so the previously reported length of 30 minutes is incorrect.

If you think it's difficult being a collector, you're right. But I suppose it could have been worse, I could have been collecting Elton John or David Bowie.

Bang & Olufsen have made yesterday's "Living Room Tour" interview public on YouTube, you'll find it here.

Songs likely to have been recorded during the "New" sessions but remains unreleased (as investigated by Robert Gannon and Steve Marinucci):

- Secret Life of a Party Girl
- Build a Bridge
- Demons Dance (heard at Bonnaroo during soundcheck)
- Seventees with a Twist
- By Night Dark Clouds
- Hell to Pay

All found in a list of titles that ASCAP had under Paul McCartney, searches revealed these titles have been licensed by Paul with similar work ID numbers as the "New" tracks.

Paul was live from Maida Vale today and played:

1. Coming Up
2. Save Us
3. Junior's Farm
4. We can Work It Out
5. New
6. Queenie Eye
7. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-Da
8. Get Back


cb70 said...

Seventies With A Twist is a song that uses a snippet from a 70's McCartney song.

The other songs from the New recording sessions period are (some of these are for the upcoming video game since Paul shares writing credits with the company):

Party Girl --2012
Quarters --2012
Build A Bridge --2013
By Night Dark Clouds --2013
Demons Dance --2013
Hell To Pay --2013
Path --2013
Prison --2013
Rose --2013
Tribulation --2013

Roger Stormo said...

Thank you, Chris!