Friday, 25 October 2013

"New" straight to the top!

DeLuxe edition with Target DVD

Paul McCartney's "New" album went straight to the top of Norway's album chart in it's first week. No. 2 was the new album from Pearl Jam, and third was "Back to Forever" by Lissie. The four top selling albums were all debutants. Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" album dropped from the top spot to no. 22 here in Norway in it's second week.

In the USA, "New" was no. 3 on the Billboard top 200 album chart, with Cyrus at no. 2 and Pearl Jam at the top of the chart.

McCartney's chart success in Norway was not aided by my own purchase, because as a Beatles- and solo collector I had to go for the USA "Target" edition, or else my McCartney DVD collection would have been incomplete.

My discs arrived today, as depicted above. The DVD is in a sleeve of it own and it was glued to the front of a DeLuxe edition. Fortunately, this was the kind of plastic glue that was easily removed withought leaving residue and causing damage to the sleeves.

In the Australian "Aria" album chart list, "New" debuts at a  disappointing 22nd place. Pearl Jam is the winner at the top here.

The native Burhan G is top of the pops in Denmark, with "New" as runner up. Pearl Jam places third.

"New" is at no 9 in Sweden, Swedish artist Veronica Maggio keeps her top spot, and most of the top half of the Swedish album chart are Swedish artists and groups. Cyrus is at eight, just ahead of McCartney, and Pearl Jam is at no. 12.

is a big market, and German artists are in favour. "New" is in at no. 6, and Pearl Jam at 4, the no. 1 spot belongs to Helene Fischer

So far, the two countries where "New" are topping the album charts are Norway and Japan. Of course, Japan sales were boosted because they have shipped a lot of copies abroad, since hard core McCartney collectors all around the world had to order their copy of the album from Japan. The reason is that the Japan DeLuxe edition had one extra track, the experimental "Struggle", thus rendering all other countries' DeLuxe editions incomplete...


Masashi said...

Hello, Roger.
You may already know, hi-resolution wav and flac(each 96kHz/24bit) file can be purchased from Japanese 'e-onkyo' music site.

Hi-resolution version not contains 'Struggle'.

Please check them.

Stephane said...

After a check on Yellow-sub, Number 2 in France after Stromae, an excellent Belgian artist and 8 in Spain.

Tammy said...

No wonder Paul has tanked in Australia, snubbing us again for a tour, he has no real standing here amongst the general public.

Roger Stormo said...

Well, he let Denmark down last year when he pulled the dates after tickets had been sold and travel arrangements made without having a real reason for it and he's still no. 2 there now.