Sunday, 23 February 2014

"1" art prints

New 12" boxed set of art prints
Sanctioned by Apple Corps, Pyramid America has released a limited edition (of 1964) box set collection of art prints based on the single covers illustrated in the "1" album. The bright red box contains 27 prints and the company says it's part one of a series. Each of these large images are printed on sturdy paper and offers the song information on the back. With "1" currently at no. 20 in the Billboard Top 200 albums chart, it seems fitting that we found this item.

As you probably know, the singles depicted were chosen from many countries. Here's how Pyramid America has chosen to describe them.

  • The first collector’s art print in the box displays the four young members in a grainy vintage looking black and white photograph for their single “All my loving.”
  • The four grinning band mates are seen here on the cover art for their 1963 single ‘From me to you.’
  • These dapper British rockers are suit clad for their single ‘She Loves you.’ The black and white image was used to promote their 1963 hit.

  • The international mega hit, “I want to hold your hand” shows the four bandmates in fragmented black and white images under Asian translations of the song’s info.
  • You can’t buy the Beatles love, but you can still love this classic looking art print featuring the musicians in a black and white image as the band’s name is emblazed in red.
  • Their 1964 hit “A Hard Day’s Night” shows the band on stage performing in these three grainy vintage style photographs.

  • “I feel fine” shows these four musicians in a casual laid back scene, wearing jeans and holding their guitars.
  • This Spanish theme art print testifies to the band’s international success with this hit song, “Eight Days a Week.” The cover art for the single shows the band in a black and white photo.
  • Looking like proper British men, the Beatles pose for their single “Ticket to Ride” off of their critically acclaimed album “Help”

  • In a big bright red color, the title track of the Beatles 1965 album, “Help” is set against a black and white photograph of the band.
  • This French theme art print for the single “Yesterday” has these four band mates on this beautiful beach scene.
  • This vintage black and white photograph of the British rock group is bordered by a bright blue contrast. Sticking with the French theme, this art print for the song “Day Tripper” even features the signatures of each of the men.

  • The red toned image for the “We can work it out” shows the four band members sitting in a landscape scene.
  • “Paperback Writer” was a song released in 1966. The art print for that song shows each of the band members in their own panels performing a live show.
  • This elegant and timeless art print for “Yellow Submarine” cuts up a black and white picture of the British rockers and juxtaposes them against boldly red text boxes. (This is the Norwegian single cover - WogBlog)

  • The cover art for “Eleanor Rigby” has all four mates in this black and white photograph. On the bottom their already iconic band name is written boldly.
  • This image for their 1967 hit song “Penny Lane” has the band inside a framed painting of themselves.
  • When you are the innovating and influential rock group, The Beatles, all you need is love. The promotional image for this hit shows the men in a party dressed in 70s like fashion.

  • This psychedelic art print for The Beatles’ song “Hello Goodbye” has black and white cut outs of the men flying in a brightly colored illustrated plane.
  • When “Lady Madonna” was released in 1969, The Beatles were already being revered as one of the greatest rock groups of the time. This art print for the single is a trippy looking illustration of just the song’s title.
  • In classic 1960s fashion, this art print for the mega hit song “Hey Jude” has the rock band dressed colorfully and smiling.

  • This black and white photograph of the band is cut out onto a bright red background for their song “Get Back.”
  • Spending 3 weeks at number one, the song “The ballad of John and Yoko” is seen here on this art print. John Lennon’s wife joins the group as they all pose in this peaceful looking garden.
  • A different take on an iconic image, the art print for the band’s song “Something” shows the four member’s crossing Abbey Road, like the cover art for the album.

  • Off of their final album, The Beatles’ “Come Together” is commemorated in this art print where the four mature men are shown in bright sunny scenery.
  • The green-toned art print for “Let it Be” the mega-hit by the Beatles shows the four members casually posing on a lawn.
  • The last art print in this box set shows The Beatles almost 10 years after their debut album. For the song “long and winding road”, each member is seen in his own separate image.

The back of the boxed set

Here's probably part 2 of the series:

This Box Set, limited to 1963 copies, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' first album & contains twenty-four 30cm x 30 cm art prints of the Beatles album covers, plus an exclusive 28-page booklet, and a numbered certificate of authenticity.


Tammy said...

Hmmmm, i can't quite make it out, but on the bottom pic with the albums there is a pic of what looks like something new for A hard days night, there isn't a new remixed cd coming to tie in with the blu ray is there?

Roger Stormo said...

I doubt it, probably just an added extra print to make it an even number for display on the box? Here's a bigger picture.

Caveman said...

It's interesting that the album covers have had all the EMI logos removed. Makes some of them look quite strange. I wonder if Apple owns the cover images but isn't allowed to reproduce the EMI logo?