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Monday, 3 February 2014

One step back - photo mystery

The sincere look on "Time" magazine
Advertising the new "US Albums" boxed set, the photo of the Beatles in front of the stars and stripes flag is seen everywhere, these days. Here's one description we found: "The Beatles pose with an American flag in a Paris photo studio prior to their first visit to the United States in January 1964". Or is it? Other sources say that the photo was taken in April 1964 during a photo call promotion ahead of the band's first American tour (in August). We don't know which is the correct description. Do you? And better still, who is the photographer?

The boxed set and sampler has a slightly more cheerful McCartney
From the annals of time, here are some glimpses of the bigger picture - a step back if you prefer.

The same photo as on "Time", but not such a narrowly cropped one.
Stepping even further back, here's another one.

Ringo has lightened up considerably, it seems!
All photos in this post are © Copyright Apple Corps Ltd.


McCracken said...

and its a 48 star (pre 1959) flag...

Sara S. said...

There were 2 photo shoots with an American flag. The Dezzo Hoffman ones in France and another set taken in Denver in August 1964. The guys are wearing different clothes and the flag is smaller. I hope that helps a little bit! :)

Unknown said...

These photos were taken in Paris in 1964 by David Steen (see his book "Heroes and Villains" on Genesis Publications).
The band was appearing at the Paris Olympia during three weeks and they were staying at the George V hotel.Prior to their future visit to the US, David was asked to take promo shots and boorowed the flag from the American Embassy in Paris; The flag was then Army escorted from the Embassy to the hotel for the session.Unfortunately, David later lost the copyright.
I have three postcards with different takes and am looking for more or even a poster.I met David a few years back in London at the launch of his book for Genesis.

wogew said...

Okay, thanks for clearing that up, Roland. I wonder why Dezo Hoffmann claimed it was his photos?